How to Replace the Battery and Program a Honda Key Fob?

Honda key fob battery replacement

If the range of your Honda key fob battery reduce or running low then you need to change this. It’s not hard to replace the battery as it’s available on many stores. I’ll discuss all the steps how you can change it within few minutes.

What Is the Honda Key Fob?

The Honda crv key fob is a small device used to unlock and start your Honda vehicle. It typically contains a built-in remote that can be used to open and close the doors and turn on the engine from up to 30 feet away. 

When should I replace the battery? 

If your Honda Civic key fob battery is getting less responsive or won’t turn on, it may be time to replace the battery. If there’s no sign of corrosion or a small round door and the cover looks undamaged on the back of your Honda key fob, you’ll need to replace the battery inside. 

Replacing The Battery 

Before changing, you must know the battery type your Honda (Pilot, odyssey, accord, crv, civic) key fob requires. It can be found on the back of the fob, or you may need to look up the manual for your specific model number. If you’re ready to replace the battery, then follow these steps: 

  • If your Honda key fob has a round door, use a small flathead screwdriver to pry it carefully. If not, you can locate the edge of the case and use a knife or other sharp object to slice through and gain access to the battery compartment gently. 
  • Carefully remove the damage old battery. 
  • While inserting new battery make sure the positive and negative sides are correctly oriented.
  • Once your new battery is secured, replace the cover or case. 

Programming Your Honda Key Fob 

Once you have replaced the battery, you can program your Honda key fob by following these steps: 

  • Turn your ignition switch on without starting the engine and press down on both the unlock and lock buttons simultaneously. When you entered in the program mode the light will flash twice.
  • Click on the unlock button once, then quickly click the lock button for 3 seconds. The lights should flash twice to confirm successful programming. 
  • Turn off your vehicle’s ignition switch before doing a test run of your new key fob, and press the unlock and lock buttons. If the lights flash or you hear a clicking noise, your key fob has been successfully programmed. 


Usually the battery life is 1 year but sometimes it works longer. So when the efficiency start decreasing then it’s time of replacement simply follow my instructions which I have discussed above and save your money instead of going to mechanic.

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