Mastermind Mobile: Some Important Things to Understand

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The era of Android and iPhone smartphones has brought more convenience for all mobile game lovers to enjoy almost all types of games that can be played on smartphones. There are many categories of them and some can be downloaded for free. Several games are specifically for those who like to think and solve puzzles, one of which is Mastermind. Mastermind Mobile, the version of Mastermind that can be played on mobile devices, is what we are discussing in this post.

Mastermind game is getting popular in recent times and has been downloaded more than five hundred thousand times. It is a kind of logic game with traditional reflection. This game is played by guessing secret codes consisting of a series of colors. As a game, Mastermind can be considered a code-breaking game that requires deep thinking.

Game modes of Mastrmind

Classic Mode

This is the traditional game mode which is generally more difficult. What makes it difficult for beginners is that the position of each clue does not always exactly match the position of each color, so carefulness in guessing the color that corresponds to each clue is really needed. The problem is that the clues are given randomly.

Initiation Mode

This mode is easier because each hint is given according to the position of each color. That’s why the first position clue corresponds to the color of the first position, the second position clue corresponds to the color of the second position, and so on. This mode is more recommended for beginners.

As for the types of games, there are several types available:

  • Mini 4 with secret code 4 colors
  • Super 5 with 5 color secret codes
  • Mega 6 with 6 color secret codes
  • Giant 7 with secret code 7 colors
  • Colossus 8 with 8 color secret codes
  • Titan 9 with 9 color secret codes

Game layout to understand

  1. The top row contains several buttons for controlling the game including a red shield that serves to hide secret codes.
  2. Columns 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 which respectively organize the notes, the numerical order of the game, the clues, the rows where the colors should be placed, and the colors “currently involved” in the game.

How is Mastermind Mobile played?

It’s easy, just place the color in the position you want. The position must be in the line of play. Then you have to fill in the rows sequentially and they cannot be repeated. In other words, once you fill in a row, you can only move on to the next row. After all lines are filled in you will see a hint. If the shield can be opened before the end of the game, then you can obtain the secret code.

If you can guess it then the game is over. The game will also end if you have filled the last row. Once the game is stopped it will save automatically. The types of movements you can do are drag & drop and press the color followed by pressing the target position.

Basically, the clues are determined by the three colors that appear:

Black: The color has been placed correctly.

White: Warma is placed in the wrong position.

Blank: Color placement that does not exist in the secret code.

You can learn more about this game by starting to download it on your Android smartphone or iPhone. Start following the instructions given one by one and pay attention to game reviews that you feel are important. Often it can help you master a game more quickly.

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