What have been some proposed rule changes in football that have been rejected?

Football match

Football, the beautiful game, has seen its fair share of rule changes over the years. But not every proposed change has made the cut. Sometimes, tradition prevails. At the same time, others may decide that some changes are too drastic to implement at the sport. Let’s dive into some of these rejected proposals. There is a great kabaddi bet online at the 1xBet platform, and football wagers, which involve plenty of things related to its rules, are available too.

The 1st of those rejected changes is a multiball system. As its name implies, there were ideas for playing football matches with more than 1 ball, which, of course, would have been extremely chaotic. The idea was that it would speed up the game and create more scoring opportunities. However, the overwhelming consensus was that it would just be too confusing for everybody involved in the game, including:

  • players;
  • referees;
  • and fans.

In 2nd place we have penalty goals. There was a proposal to award a goal for a clear goalscoring opportunity that was denied by a foul. Think of it as an automatic penalty kick that counts as a goal. While the intention was to crack down on cynical fouling, especially the last-man challenges, the proposal didn’t go through. It seems like the traditional penalty kick was deemed punishment enough. The online kabaddi bets from 1xBet are extremely rewarding, and the same can also be said about the extraordinary wagers available on football matches too.

Other curious idea

In 3rd place we have bigger goals. In an effort to increase scoring, some folks floated the idea of making the goals bigger. The thought process was pretty straightforward. This is because bigger goals would mean more space to aim at, which should logically lead to more goals. However, this idea was quickly rejected because it would fundamentally alter the game and put goalkeepers at a severe disadvantage. You can follow the 1xBet bonus journey today, which is also extremely rewarding when it comes to placing wagers on football too.

The Sin Bin is the 4th rejected proposal. Much like in other 2 sports like hockey or rugby, football considered implementing a temporary suspension, or “sin bin”, for yellow card offenses. The idea was that it would serve as a deterrent and encourage fair play. However, this proposal was rejected in favor of keeping the existing card system with the 2 iconic items: the yellows and reds. The feeling was that football’s flow would be disrupted by players constantly coming on and off.

In 5th place we have the stop-clock. Similar to basketball, there was a suggestion to stop the clock every time the ball went out of play. The aim was to combat time-wasting and ensure that fans got a full 90 minutes of action. While it makes sense on paper, the proposal was turned down. The concern was that it would lead to excessively long matches and disrupt the traditional flow of the game. The bonus journey offered by 1xBet is unique, and it also allows bettors to place better wagers on everything that happens during the 90 minutes.

In 6th place we have the orange card. It was proposed as a middle ground between the 2 cards that we all know and love: the yellows and reds. It would have sent a player off for 10 minutes as a kind of “cooling-off” period. Although it’s an interesting idea, and it works in other sports like rugby, it wasn’t adopted in football. The consensus was that the existing card system was sufficient.

Finally, in 7th place, there was the idea of rolling substitutions. Imagine being able to substitute players in and out like in basketball or hockey. That’s what rolling substitutions would allow. It was thought that this would keep players fresher and reduce injuries. However, this idea was rejected to preserve the strategic element of limited substitutions. The game’s traditionalists argued that managing player fatigue is part of the coach’s job, which also speaks about their ability to be at that post.

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